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Bidding FAQs
CarDuka.com is the first website in Kenya that provides a free estimated value of a motor vehicle.
NCBA Bank, the market leader in Asset Finance has partnered with Regent Auto Valuers, the largest motor vehicle valuer in the region to bring you this revolutionary game changer. The site uses historical motor vehicle valuations to predict the current value of your motor vehicle.
The value provided on CarDuka is an estimate based on the parameters provided. For a comprehensive valuation, please visit Regent Auto Valuers or any other certified motor vehicle valuer.
At the moment, you can only value personal vehicles like saloon’s, pick-ups, SUV’s etc. Commercial vehicles such as trucks are not available for valuation on the platform. To value a commercial vehicle, please visit Regent Auto Valuers or any other certified motor vehicle valuer.
The site is constantly evolving and new models will be added as we go along.
A motor vehicle sub model, also known as a trim, is a technical customization of a motor vehicle within a specific model. It offers different configurations of the same vehicle model. Additionally, it can also be subdivided into model years. To simplify use on the site, we have added engine capacity next to the sub model name e.g. ZRT (1490 CC), ZRT260 (1790 CC). Select your preferred sub model based on the CC
Kindy send us an email on the issue at contact@carduka.com and the team will be sure to help.
Also, please ensure to provide a valid email address when submitting the valuation form.
The reserve price is meant to guide you on the value of the vehicle. You are free to put in any amount you wish.
The reserve price is meant to guide you on the value of the vehicle. You are free to put in any amount you wish.
If your bid is the highest bid. The system automatically checks if you've met the threashold (the minimum amount that the vehicle can be sold at). If you've met the threashold an offer letter is sent to your email with all the necessary information.
Each vehicle is stored in a car yard, simply have a look at the listed location and give a call to the yard. The number is listed next to the location
No, simply walk into the listed location/yard and request permission to view the vehicle. Please note, this is done in line with the yard’s policies.
No, this is not allowed. You can only drive the vehicle after purchasing it and only after a release letter has been sent to you from the bank.
Vehicles are sold on a as-is where-is basis. Bidders are advised to go view the vehicle first before bidding.
No, the bidding fee ls nonrefundable.
Valuation FAQs
Just enter your registration and mileage to find out how much your car is worth. Our tool is completely free and will give your car’s market value in seconds.
You can use CarDuka’ s car valuation tool – it’s an easy and accurate way to find out how much your car is worth. Simply enter your car details to start, and we’ll give you both a private sale and part-exchange price so you can to decide what to do with your car. There’s no hassle and no obligation.
Yes, CarDuka’ s car valuation tool will give you an accurate market value for your car. To ensure our prices are accurate, update our car valuations daily and combine data from:
  • over 800,000 adverts from a range of trusted sources
  • over 3,500 dealer websites
  • values from major car auctions
  • ex-fleet and leasing car values
Knowing the car’s value can help you negotiate in confidence when buying or selling a car. Cars will sell faster when accurately priced. A fair price, and including up-to-date information like vehicle history checks, can inspire confidence in potential buyers and help your car stand out. And if you’re looking to part-exchange, you can do so with more confidence.
Generally, cars with higher mileages have lower resale values because they tend to have higher levels of wear and tear. Several factors decide a car’s value, however. These include how well a car is looked after, any extra features included, and how rare or desirable color or trim.
Loan FAQs
Getting a used car loan in Kenya can take days. But with us, it can be approved in just 1 day!
At CarDuka we work with NCBA bank, which is the leading asset finance bank in the country.
The processing fee for your loan application is between 1% to 3%
To proceed with your loan application on CarDuka, please prepare these documents:
1. 6 months’ bank statement
2. M-PESA statement
3. National ID
4. Copy of KRA PIN
Shop FAQs
We encourage you to use the “Search by model and model" option to search for products. Products are filtered according to the recommended parts for your vehicle. However, considering the wide range of car variants, parts recommended may deviate from the actual part for your vehicle. Alternatively, kindly contact us.
If you have ordered the wrong products for your vehicle, our experts will advise you once you arrive at the branch. A correct quotation will be provided for your approval.
View our promotions tab on the left side of the website.

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