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Factors that can affect a cars value

The following factors are not included in our valuations but can increase or decrease the cars value.

Things that can increase a cars value
Any post-factory features that youve added to the car that make it stand out, e.g. alloy wheels, multimedia systems, etc.)
A car with a complete record of all services can be worth more than one that has gaps in the service history
Some colors are more popular than others, so a car in a sought-after color can be worth more.
Our valuations are based on the car being in good condition for its age so it could have some minor wear and tear. If its in an excellent condition with no damage at all, then it's likely to be worth more than our guide price.
Things that can decrease a cars value
Our valuations assume the car has some minor damage, like a small stain on the seat or a scratch on the bumper. If the damage is any more significant than this, it's likely to reduce the value of the car.
If anything needs fixing, e.g. a seat warmer or electric window that doesn't work, the car may be worth less.)
Usually, the fewer owners the more a car is worth. So, if a car has been sold many times before it can reduce the value.
Usually, the fewer owners the more a car is worth. So, if a car has been sold many times before it can reduce the value.

Your Questions Answered

Just enter your registration and mileage to find out how much your car is worth. Our tool is completely free and will give your cars market value in seconds.
You can use CarDuka s car valuation tool its an easy and accurate way to find out how much your car is worth. Simply enter your car details to start, and well give you both a private sale and part-exchange price so you can to decide what to do with your car. Theres no hassle and no obligation.
Yes, CarDuka s car valuation tool will give you an accurate market value for your car. To ensure our prices are accurate, update our car valuations daily and combine data from:
  • over 800,000 adverts from a range of trusted sources
  • over 3,500 dealer websites
  • values from major car auctions
  • ex-fleet and leasing car values
Knowing the cars value can help you negotiate in confidence when buying or selling a car. Cars will sell faster when accurately priced. A fair price, and including up-to-date information like vehicle history checks, can inspire confidence in potential buyers and help your car stand out. And if youre looking to part-exchange, you can do so with more confidence.
Generally, cars with higher mileages have lower resale values because they tend to have higher levels of wear and tear. Several factors decide a cars value, however. These include how well a car is looked after, any extra features included, and how rare or desirable color or trim.

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