Why it is Important to Check your Engine Oil




Your car has various moving parts. Obvious, right? Even more obvious is the need to keep the various parts lubricated to keep your car in perfect working condition.

It all starts with engine oil. Think of as your car’s lifeline. It keeps all the moving parts nice and lubricated to ensure they do not wear too quickly, keeps the engine clean and free of dirt and dust.

We recommend that you check your engine oil every time you stop at a fuel station or even every morning if possible.

How do you check your oil?

First thing would be to get a piece of cloth, open the bonnet, find the dipstick, pull it out, wipe it on the piece of cloth and dip it back into the oil tank before taking it out again.

What this helps you assess, is the level of oil in the tank that guides you as to whether you need to refill the tank or not. The dipsticks usually come calibrated with the low-level gauge that tells you that it’s time to top up your engine oil.

Color and consistency of the engine oil also matters.

The oil on the dipstick should either be brown or black. Any milky or grey deposits could mean that the coolant is leaking.

If this is the case, have the car towed. You’d better be safe than sorry.

You should also be on the look out for metal deposits in the oil. This could mean that the engine has suffered some internal damage. The first call you should make when you discover metal in your oil, is to your mechanic.

If everything seems fine, then, return the dipstick to its tube, close the hood and you’re good to go!

Another thing that’s important is to ensure you use the right engine oil for your car. Your mechanic or the fuel station attendant should be in a position to guide you on the best oil for your engine.

Engine oil checks should be in your daily car maintenance routine. It takes a very short time and could save you from a whole lot of car trouble.

That being said, drive safe.




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