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  • Jack The Legend

    There have been stories going around. Hints about the ultimate car guy, the automotive expert… a legend. He is here, and his name is Jack.

  • Reasons Why A Vehicle's Engine Overheats

    The ideal temperature for most vehicle engines’ ranges between 85 to 105 degrees. However any defects within the engine’s components will cause an abnormal rise in temperatures leading to the overheating of your vehicle.

  • 3 Ways To Navigate Your Way The Smart Way

    In this digital age, technology is slowly redefining how we operate. Advancement of technology continues to significantly improve our everyday lives, one very popular example being the mobile phone that has become an integral mode of everyday communication we can hardly imagine being without.

  • Profiling the BH5 Subaru Legacy GTB

    Reviewing My Own Car

    Followers of my newspaper column must have realized by now that I did in fact buy a Subaru back in 2016, a change in my driving life that I introduced to much fanfare (read it here:

  • Time to Address Odometer Tampering

    Second-hand car dealerships are common in our major towns. With the assistance of the internet and social media, this business has been extended online right into living rooms.

    Over the past decade, there has been growing demand for used vehicles, especially saloon cars, with at least 70,000 such vehicles entering the Kenyan market yearly.

  • Driving On a Budget

    With a tight budget to work with this “njaanuary”, one expense that you need to keep a close eye on is your motor vehicle expense. Here are few tips to help you ensure that your car does not drive you into financial ruin this month, pun intended.

  • The Future of Cars

    Despite the recent unveilings of futuristic cars that are supposedly better in every way, cars as we know them are destined for a highly inconceivable future. I have yet to meet someone who can predict the future. Take for example the meteorological department in any country in the entire world.