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  • Driving in The Rain - What You Need to Know

    After much cry from Kenyans due to the serious dry weather that was biting most parts of the country, we can now breathe a sigh of relief to the sight and smell of sweet rain.  As a motorist though, how prepared are you to tackle showery environments? Driving in the rain does bring with it a fair share of risks and it is quite essential to take extreme caution.

    How Safe is Your Car?


    Have you ever thought of your car as a side hustle?  Here are some ideas on how you can earn some extra income from your car.


    Ever thought of offering a lift to other commuters? You can offer to carry some of your neighbors to or from work for a small fee.

  • A Checklist For Your Easter Trip Getaway

    Short as it is, the Easter holidays are long enough for some much-needed relaxation after an eventful and busy first quarter of the year. One of the many adventures that people take on, is a visit up-country to catch up with their parents, siblings & childhood friends or to just get away from the hustle & bustle of the city. 

    We do all agree that Kenyan roads are not for the faint-hearted right?  With this in mind, it’s quite essential to take the necessary pre-cautions to ensure that you’re back home safe & sound, ready for your 8 am appointment with the boss next week! 

  • Profiling the BH5 Subaru Legacy GTB

    Reviewing My Own Car

    Followers of my newspaper column must have realized by now that I did in fact buy a Subaru back in 2016, a change in my driving life that I introduced to much fanfare (read it here: Interview With A Critic). What follows up now is something I have not done before anywhere: REVIEW MY OWN CAR!! Here goes:

  • Time to Address Odometer Tampering

    Second-hand car dealerships are common in our major towns. With the assistance of the internet and social media, this business has been extended online right into living rooms.

    Over the past decade, there has been growing demand for used vehicles, especially saloon cars, with at least 70,000 such vehicles entering the Kenyan market yearly.

    Over 70 per cent of these are sourced from Japan and the rest from a variety of places including Dubai, the UK and South Africa.

  • Driving On a Budget

    With a tight budget to work with this “njaanuary”, one expense that you need to keep a close eye on is your motor vehicle expense. Here are few tips to help you ensure that your car does not drive you into financial ruin this month, pun intended.

  • The Future of Cars

    Despite the recent unveilings of futuristic cars that are supposedly better in every way, cars as we know them are destined for a highly inconceivable future. I have yet to meet someone who can predict the future. Take for example the meteorological department in any country in the entire world.